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A trip to France always means great food, and in Burgundy and Provence, gastronomy is always on the menu.

The gastronomic capital

Situated in the centre-east of France, Burgundy is considered one of France’s great culinary destinations. A tour of Burgundy’s many delights might well begin in the region’s biggest city, Dijon, long admired for its incredible food. A visitor with a sweet tooth will want to head straight to Maison Mulot & Petitjean, heirs to Burgundian gingerbread know how, and learn some of the secrets of this venerable pastry shop. And if that visitor’s stay in this gourmet paradise coincides with the Foire Internationale et gastronomique (this huge event is held every autumn) he or she would be very lucky indeed.

The kingdom of mustard

Mustard is one of the glories of Burgundy. The last great family-owned mustard producer, la Moutarderie Fallot, has reigned over Beaune for 175 years, and hosts unique, palate-pleasing tastings.

Bresse chicken

Further to the south, in the capital of the Bresse poultry region, the charming Louhans market is the place to savour the local specialty, the delicious poulet de Bresse.

To your health

In Burgundy, there’s no lack of choices when it comes to wonderful things to drink. The cassis produced in Dijon is a favourite French aperitif and a typical Burgundy libation. As with many other regions in France, wine is an integral part of everyday life. Varied and internationally renowned, the reputation of Burgundy wines has been well earned.


Every French region has its own culinary traditions, and together they add up to the nation’s pride, “French cuisine”. The Mediterranean climate of Provence produces amazing fruits, vegetables, herbs and fish, making the Provencal contribution one of the most beloved of France.

Truffle hunting

Truffle huntingAmong the stars of Provence, the truffle is one of the highlights of the South. The markets of Richerenches and Carpentras, situated in Vaucluse, are the place to find these “black diamonds”.

Among the stars of Provence, the truffle is one of the highlights of the South. The markets of Richerenches and Carpentras, situated in Vaucluse, are the place to find these “black diamonds”.In the olive groves

In the olive groves

Perched on the top of a mountain, Les Beaux-de-Provence is unquestionably one of the most beautiful villages of France, and a fabulous spot from which to begin a journey along the olive route.  Fifteen or so kilometers south of Les Beaux-de-Provence you’ll find de Mouriès, a picturesque village surrounded by over 80,000 olive trees. While you’re there, try the tapenade, a purée of black olives and capers in olive oil.

The seafood of Marseille

Between visiting Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde Basilica and strolling through the Old Port, take a break to savour some bouillabaisse, Marseille’s most iconic dish. While many restaurants serve up this fish-based soup, the ones served at Le Miramar, Chez Michel and Chez Fonfon have the best reputation.

To your health

In the South of France, the apéro, or before dinner drink, is an almost sacred ritual, and the perfect opportunity for a visitor to try a glass of rosé or pastis, two of the most famous drinks of Provence.

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